Bring it On Dance

Our Story

The very first Bring It On dance competition was established in the city of Auckland, New Zealand in 2003. The competition consisted of six secondary schools in the Auckland region and it came about from one persons desire to empower our youth through dance. Talanoa’s desire was to change attitudes of the Auckland youth and curve them away from gangs, drugs, violence, suicide and teen pregnancy. Through this desire the Bring it On platform was created to help them to see their potential in life and dare them to chase their dreams.

From this one competition Bring it On dance has grown and launched itself into three other cities in Australia & New Zealand. In 2008 we successfully established a competition in Brisbane and in the year following 2009 we launched another competition in Sydney. In the years following this, we received interest from the youth and teachers in Wellington asking us to bring the competition to their city and in 2012 we did just that.

Our Impact

We’re very proud of the impact and influence each Bring it On competition has had on the hip-hop scene in each of the different cities. This competition has brought about a real positive unity between all the schools that compete. When all the schools come together on the event day its like they are a big happy family although they are ready to go head to head. We encourage our students in this competition to support each other and cheer for every single school that performs on the night and this is what makes our competition special.

Throughout the years students from Bring It On have gone on to create their own dance crews and dance academy’s. In 2008 a dance crew from west Auckland known as Sweet and Sour took the world by storm winning the Varsity division of the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas putting New Zealand on the world stage of hip-hop dance. This group went on to perform on video clips for musicians and also American television shows such as American’s Best Dance Crew.

Over the years students that have been a part of Bring it On dance have dominated the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in the United States. A more recent example of this is the dance crew The Bradas who are currently dominating the world hip-hop scene winning the Adult division of the World Hip-Hop Dance Championships two years on a row.

Our Vision

To empower and bring joy, confidence and enthusiasm to our youth!

This competition brings a joy, confidence and enthusiasm to our youth, keeps them in school and doing something that they love to do which is dance.

Our mission through our platform is not only to empower youth through dance but ultimately through this experience, shaping youths perspective to have a Bring It On attitude and approach in life.


We have a responsibility to assist, contribute and support the local communities of our youth.

We will be looking to partner with organisations who help youth across Australia and New Zealand and believe that as we grow we will be able to give so much more to our communities through various projects.

Wildcard Can Appeal

The whole initiative for the can appeal came about because churches and charities that provided donated foods for needy families and individuals in the community were running low on donations. We believed that the concept of the wildcard in this competition could help in this situation and would also be a benefit to the students in knowing that they were participating for a good cause and giving back to their community by collecting cans.

How does it Work?

After Bring it on Heats, the schools that did not make the Grand Final are free to compete in our wildcard competition. Schools that want to compete for the wild card entry are required to collect as many food cans for donation to the Salvation Army as possible over a one week period. The school that collects the most cans secure their place in the Grand Final.

Congratulations to our 2019 Wildcard entry, Castle Hill High School who collected a massive 1,634 cans in total! Amazing effort by all Schools who collected cans for the Salvation Army, altogether 4,377 were collected.

Our Partners

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