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Bring it On AllStars

What is bio
all stars about?

The Bring it On Allstars is about bringing dancers from all over Sydney who have a passion and love for dance, to come together and share their gift and talents with each other. We want to provide an environment for our dancers to grow in confidence and their skills as a dancer. We also want to connect the Allstars with top dance choreographers to teach them new skills and techniques and provide a big stage for them to show off their skills to the world.

If this is you, then you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!!

What’s in store for you if you sign up?

Collaborating with Top Dance Choreographers

You will get the opportunity to Choreography routines

Opportunities to perform at other events

Connect with other students who share a passion for dance.

Do what you love doing while growing your dance skills

We will provide you with Bring It On Dance Uniforms

BIOD + Flashmob Society

Bring it On Dance All Stars will also be Collaborating with Flash Mob Society in 2024. Stay tuned on social for the latest!

Showcase Event

Training will focus on developing your dance skills in preparation for the Bring it On Dance Sydney show on Saturday, 21st September 2024.

All Star Requirements

Students must register online.

Be available to attend Training Dates / Venue / Time:

Parental Permission Slip Signed and sent via email to


    Permission Slip Upload: