Melbourne / 31st August 2024

Auckland / 14th September 2024

Brisbane / 24th September 2024

Sydney / 21st September 2024

In order to participate in the Bring it On Dance Competition for 2024, each student is required to complete this registration form online. Unfortunately we cannot accept student performers on event day without the relevant permission received below.

    Registration Terms and Conditions


    I give Logos Productions Pty Ltd (ABN 54 624 963 257) the irrevocable right to use my name/photograph/image/audio recording/video recording and likeness in all forms and manner (“My Image”) for the purposes of advertising, media publicity, publication, general display or for any other purposes in whole or in part, including but not limited to publication on Internet web sites, broadcasts and any other publications as released by Logos Productions Pty Ltd.
    I waive any interest that I may have in the copyright to My Image now or at any future time and acknowledge that I am not entitled, nor shall in the future be entitled, to receive any payment or consideration in respect of it and agree to make no claim against Logos Productions Pty Ltd for any payments for the Publication of My Image.
    I understand Logos Productions Pty Ltd cannot control unauthorised use of My Image by persons not associated with Logos Productions Pty Ltd upon the Publication of My Image. I forever waive any right to inspect or approve any Publication of My Image by Logos Productions Pty Ltd. I release and indemnify Logos Productions Pty Ltd from any loss, damage, costs, expense, or claim (including consequential loss) connected with the Publication of My Image, including action for defamation, libelous material, breach of privacy, or copyright.

    Parent/ Guardian Consent

    Parent/ Guardian Signature

    Competition Guidelines

    Our information pack has all the necessary information for Schools and Students that are interested in participating in a Bring it On Dance competition in 2024.

    Questions? We're here.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions, further queries or any concern regarding the student registration process.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    What media will be captured with my child?

    Media captured consists of “Project Videos” such as:

    • ‘Whats Good in Your Hood’ project. Here, our bring it on teams are required to do their research and find out any initiatives, organisation or individuals that are doing positive things in their communities and sharing this information via video. This contributes 10 points to the overall dance score.
    • Promo videos created by the bring it on teams to promote their team and get as many supporters to come out and see their hard work.
    • Event Day is a big day and our photographers will be taking photos of all the schools with their teams, photos on stage throughout rehearsals to actual performances, back stage team photos etc and he entire show will be filmed.
    What will you use the footage captured for?

    Any media captured of students and high schools throughout the Bring It On Dance Program, eg TikTok footage that we might be tagged in from students, Project / Promo Videos, photographs on event day or sent via High schools, and filming on event day will be used ONLY for Bring It On Dance program, promotional material, eg flyers, video campaigns, website, School Information Packs and Social Media only for the purpose of Bring It On Dance Program.

    Will any other persons have access to the footage apart from Logos Productions Pty Ltd?

    The only other persons would be the actual photographers whom might be working for experience will showcase photos through their portfolio for school assignment etc (this is mainly students who want photography experience), Students participating and High Schools. The only other access would be via our Social Media page where the public can access footage and share.

    If I have any concerns, who can I talk to?

    Please email us on if you have further queries and concerns and we can schedule a time to call you.