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Matthew Isaia Gavét

Pioneer / Creative / Choreographer

Matt is a dancer, choreographer, music producer, MC (host) and proud dad of four.


  • A pioneer of street dance NZ/Aus
  • Dance crews-BLAZE (NZ)and ZBOYZ (AUs)
  • Taught and workshops in NZ,AUS,NY and islands in the pacific.
  • Founder of zenith dance company from 2008-2010
  • Silver medal @ world hiphop champs with ZBOYZ 2014

My goal with my art of dance has always been to watch and be inspired by others before me but to not copy and duplicate what they have done but rather create my own style and X factor that separates you from others. Having no fear and always being fully in control of your art in my case creating and mixing  the music I dance too so that the ideas and vision of routines are exactly what you want.

Tiana Canterbury

Lead Choreographer / Dancer / TV Influencer

Tiana is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher of dance for over 15 years.

Lead choreographer for some of Australia’s biggest shows across the last two decades, including Australia’s Got Talent, The Voice, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Danced for many national and international artist like Guy Sebastion, Scarlett Belle, Montall Jordan, Chingy, Macklemore and Janet Jackson Just to name a few.

Red Bull’s Australian Dance Scene Expert, working closely with them to deliver the annual Dance Your Style event—an international, all-styles street dance event.

Runs her own project designing dance programs for Primary schools to help kids with their motor skills, confidence and physical well being through the fun of dance, movement and music.

The Bridge Australia Contestant – Season 1.

Currently on Tour with artist Billie Eilish.

Wife and mother of three and has an immense, unrelenting drive and love for dance.

Samson Smith

Creative Director Lil Groovers / Base 181 Studios & Justice Crew

Samson is a member of Justice Crew, winners of Australia Got Talent, Fourth Season.

Since becoming recording artists, Justice Crew has been nominated for eight ARIA Music Awards and has toured with international artists such as Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, One Direction, Kesha and Pitbull.

Samson Cosplay Smith is one of the six members of Australian Dance Crew, Justice Crew. Like his namesake, the New Zealand-born break dancer has power in spades. He’s the head-spin king in the group, who carries a smooth-sens into his performances.

Australian Ninja Warrior Contestant, 2017.

Dance Studio Owner – Base181studios

Runs Pre-school (lilgroovers) HIPHOP program for Dance Studios.